October 2017
ZeroPoint Clean Tech breaks ground at Port of Amsterdam as the EPC vendor for Bioenergy Netherlands
September 2016
ZeroPoint announces deal to proceed with biomass gasification project at Port of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
December 2015
Carbon Negative Power Plant owned by CEZ and using ZeroPoint Gasifier Exports Power to Bulgarian Grid
Blagodarya vi i Vesela Koleda na nashite priyateli v Bulgaria!

August 2015
ZeroPoint Signs Heads Of Terms To Build Power Plants In Chile

May 2015
ZeroPoint Establishes Go-To-Market Deal With SACES In South Africa

November 2014
ZeroPoint Begins Production Of Gasisfier For Deployment In CEZ Service Territory, Bulgaria

February 2014
ZeroPoint Designs Small-Scale Fuel Reformer For Natural Gas

July 2013
ZeroPoint Secures Additional Corporate Financing For Operations

September 10, 2012
Envirotherm And ZeroPoint Clean Tech To Build New Biomass Power Plants

August 6, 2012
ZeroPoint Clean Tech Announces Second Live Biomass Gasification Power Plant

January 3, 2012
ZeroPoint Clean Tech Powers European Grid, Produces Carbon-Negative Heat And Power

May 23, 2011
ZeroPoint Initiates Field Commissioning Of Biomass Gasification Technology

March 15, 2011
ZeroPoint Announces Initiative To Extend Life Of Landfill Gas Energy Projects

March 14, 2011
ZeroPoint Completes Mechanical Installation in Schwarze-Pumpe, Germany

October 13, 2010
ZeroPoint Ships Biomass Gasification Solution to Schwarze-Pumpe, Germany

September 22, 2010
ZeroPoint Biomass Gasification System Certified By TUV Sud

September 1, 2010
ZeroPoint Successfully Gasifies Palm Shell Feedstock

August 26, 2010
ZeroPoint Commissions Biomass Gasifier For Shipment To Germany

May 6, 2010
ZeroPoint Clean Tech Announces Delivery Of Commercial Quantities Of Biochar For Farm Field Trials

March 4, 2010
ZeroPoint Ships Combined Heat And Power Solutions

December 9, 2009
ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. Biomass Gasification Solution Completes Factory Acceptance Testing

August 15, 2009
ZeroPoint Joint Venture Partner Blue Planet Commences Bio-Menthanol Project In Germany

August 4, 2009
ZeroPoint Awarded United State Patent For Gasification Process

December 17, 2008
NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli Announces Additional $1.5 Million Investment In ZeroPoint

October 21, 2008
ZeroPoint Announces Commercial Contract With Kedco, A Leading Bio-Science Energy Company

June 24, 2008

ZeroPoint Commences Commissioning Of Its First Commercial Gasification Process In Tonawanda, NY

February 15, 2008
NYFVI Awards ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. $100,000 Applied Research Grant

March 15, 2007

ZeroPoint Commissions Commercial Scale Pilot Facility
Market Opportunities
Waste Water Treatment Plants
offer a unique opportunity for biomass to energy solutions to utilize sludge as fuel to reduce disposal and feedstock costs. Baseload heat and power can be provided to reduce costs and/or generate revenue. Flared methane can be captured and gas scrubbing costs are lower for economic benefit.
Landfill Gas to Energy Projects
with declining gas production curves possess pre-existing infrastructure including; land, buildings, reciprocating engines, grid connections and power purchase agreements. The life and value of these assets are extended and increased with the ZeroPoint solution. Waste wood streams further enhance project economics at many sites seeking alternative uses for this material.
Remote Power Generation
currently occurs with high cost diesel fuel. The ZeroPoint solution offers an attractive replacement or co-fueling opportunity. This solution is economic without subsidies.