Renewable Gas Solution
The ZeroPoint Renewable Gas (RG) Solution represents the leading edge in distributed biomass gasification. The ZeroPoint RG Solution produces synthesis gas for steam boilers, combustion chamber co-firing, space heating, process heating and other thermal loads.
ZeroPoint's standardized RG Solution produces approximately 18.7 MMbtu/hr of renewable synthesis gas, depending on the characteristics of the biomass input. An additional 1.5 MM btu/hr of high-grade heat is recovered in the gas cooling process. The ZeroPoint RG Solution is delivered in a modular, skid-mounted package featuring a high efficiency downdraft gasifier with on-board gas cooling equipment. The process operates at atmospheric or slightly positive pressure with real-time process optimization and PLC Controls. The ZeroPoint RG Solution is designed to process a wide variety of biomass fuels including wood chips, wood pellets, palm fruit wastes, sugar cane bagasse, dried distillers grain, corn stover, switchgrass, agricultural and forestry wastes and other locally available feedstocks.

The figure below right shows a simplified flow diagram. The biomass feedstock enters the gasifier for conversion into synthesis gas. The gas is cooled in a heat exchanger that recovers useable thermal energy. The renewable synthesis gas is then delivered to a boiler or other thermal load.
    - On-Site Renewable Gas Production
    - Utilizes Carbon Neutral Biomass
    - Offsets Fossil Fuel Consumption
    - Reduces Air Pollution Emissions
    - Decreases Gas Distribution Charges
Unit Dimensions:
A ZeroPoint RG Solution occupies a total building area under 800 ft2 excluding biomass storage and handling. Multiple systems can be deployed for incremental scaling.
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Market Opportunities
Waste Water Treatment Plants
offer a unique opportunity for biomass to energy solutions to utilize sludge as fuel to reduce disposal and feedstock costs. Baseload heat and power can be provided to reduce costs and/or generate revenue. Flared methane can be captured and gas scrubbing costs are lower for economic benefit.
Landfill Gas to Energy Projects
with declining gas production curves possess pre-existing infrastructure including; land, buildings, reciprocating engines, grid connections and power purchase agreements. The life and value of these assets are extended and increased with the ZeroPoint solution. Waste wood streams further enhance project economics at many sites seeking alternative uses for this material.
Remote Power Generation
currently occurs with high cost diesel fuel. The ZeroPoint solution offers an attractive replacement or co-fueling opportunity. This solution is economic without subsidies.