Schwarze Pumpe, Germany
ZeroPoint's biomass gasification solution produces carbon negative heat and power at a project site in Schwarze Pumpe, Germany. The project has successfully integrated the biomass gasifier with the gas engine, synchronized with local distribution grid, generated power on the grid to secure a 20-year power purchase price and performed engine emissions testing to confirm environmental compliance.

ZeroPoint's partner, Blue Planet Sustainable Energy, N.V., has worked closely with ZeroPoint to complete the rigorous Technical
Inspection Association (TÜV) approval process for the gasifier, gas engine and balance of plant at the project site.
The carbon negative process utilizes biomass to create renewable gas and yields biochar as a co-product. Biochar is a highly stable form of sequestered carbon with multiple uses in agricultural and industry. Renewable gas from the ZeroPoint solution is burned in a gas engine to produce power for the local utility grid. The German project delivered power to the local grid for the last two weeks of 2011 operations that was sold pursuant to the German "Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz", (Renewable Energy Act). The gas and engine also produce useable heat. The ZeroPoint Solution can be deployed to produce renewable synthesis gas used in reciprocating engines, steam boilers, thermal applications, or co-firing with coal, oil, biogas or biomass.
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Market Opportunities
Waste Water Treatment Plants
offer a unique opportunity for biomass to energy solutions to utilize sludge as fuel to reduce disposal and feedstock costs. Baseload heat and power can be provided to reduce costs and/or generate revenue. Flared methane can be captured and gas scrubbing costs are lower for economic benefit.
Landfill Gas to Energy Projects
with declining gas production curves possess pre-existing infrastructure including; land, buildings, reciprocating engines, grid connections and power purchase agreements. The life and value of these assets are extended and increased with the ZeroPoint solution. Waste wood streams further enhance project economics at many sites seeking alternative uses for this material.
Remote Power Generation
currently occurs with high cost diesel fuel. The ZeroPoint solution offers an attractive replacement or co-fueling opportunity. This solution is economic without subsidies.